Top 10 Finance Related Movies of All Time!

Holidays are best spent with friends and family, eating and drinking, chatting and laughing – Or simply watching Netflix! If you said Amen to that, here is a list of our favourite finance-related movies.

The big short (trailer) – Based on the 2010 book of the same name, Christian Bale, Bradd Pitt, Ryan Gosling feature in this biographical comedy drama showing how the financial crisis of 2007-08 was triggered by the US housing bubble.

The wolf of wall street (trailer) – With Di Caprio in the lead, this movie is the true story of former stockbroker and convicted felon, Jordan Belfort who went from rags to riches to the prison.

Margin Call (trailer) – Starring Kevin Spacey & Demi Moore, this drama thriller is a story that takes place over 24 hours at a large Wall Street investment bank during the initial stages of the global financial crisis.

Scam 1992 (trailer) – The SonyLIV adaptation of Debashish Basu’s 1992 book called The Scam, this is a must watch about the life of India’s infamous Harshad Mehta. We must warn you, getting this series’ title music out of your head is going to be quite hard.

Trading Places (trailer) – This 1983 comedy starring Eddie Murphy features a snobbish commodity trader and a wily street con artist finding their positions reversed as part of a bet by two callous millionaires.

The China Hustle (trailer) – This is a documentary about some of the over 300 Chinese firms listed in the US markets that are, quite simply, fraudulent. Remember, Luckin Coffee? Kind of like that, except a bit more sensationalised.

Trillion Dollar Bet (trailer) – Is a documentary telling the true story of how one hedge fund run by Nobel laureates failed and had to be bailed out. Begs the question, if Nobel prize winners can’t figure out financial markets, who can!

Floored (trailer) – This documentary about stock traders (think people shouting orders on the trading floor) is a reality check about how far we have come since then to this new age where trading is done almost entirely on computers.

Boiler Room (trailer) – This 2-hour drama released in the year 2000 shows finance at its absolute worst. A bunch of unethical young stockbrokers sell worthless stocks to innocent and unaware people using high-pressure sales tactics showing the famous pump and dump schemes that are followed to date!

The Ascent of Money (full documentary) – This 2008 documentary based on Niall Ferguson’s book of the same name drives home only one message – This time is not so different; it has happened before. Niall is a historian at Stanford University. His book is a brilliant read too.

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